Intu Watford

Intu Watford
201 The Harlequin,

Contract Value:

October 2013

Intu Properties Ltd

Description of Overall Project:
Thames Contract undertook the full refurbishment to the 7nr Roof Lights whilst ensuring that the project did not affect the occupied and open Shopping Centre. We were tasked with replacing all of the extruded mullion cover caps, introducing new transom cover caps and sealing with tens of thousands of metres of high quality mastic works. At the ridges and the gable ends new pressed aluminium sections were installed with a fully waterproof EPDM membrane underneath to ensure no water egress. All of the top hung smoke vents had a new bespoke flashing installed with drainage channels and all were serviced whilst still ensuring the smoke extraction capabilities at all times. All gutters were cleaned and had a waterproof membrane applied in situ and all existing panels which could not be replaced had a fully restoration clean to bring them back up to match our new components. On 2 of the roof lights the lead flashing to the brickwork also required replacing due to the end of its life span.

Access for the project was enabled by utilised the existing access rails and placing our own access in the form of moveable platforms which enabled our works to be carried out. We also used a full roof covering on 5 of the 7 roof lights to ensure that the works would not be affected by inclement weather.

The project was completed within programme and also within the client’s expectations.