Drummond Gate

Drummond Gate
City of Westminster

Contract Value:

August 2013

Office of National Statistics

Description of Overall Project:
Thames Contract worked in conjunction with MITIE Facilities to carry out a complete overhaul of the façade decorative panels. The original system was manufactured and installed by a Belgian company that is no longer in existence. The work involved erecting full height scaffolding on a fully occupied Government building, removing all decorative external panels and introducing a bespoke holding down fixing system that was manufactured/installed by Thames Contract. This allowed the decorative panels to be re-aligned and holding down screws to be introduced for added security.

Whilst the decorative panels were removed we carried out a complete survey of the existing EPDM membranes and any that were found to be perished/defective were replaced with new EPDM membranes. Due to the age of the building there were a number of external gaskets that had shrunk therefore a new gasket was designed, fabricated and extruded by Thames Contract. The existing cover-caps were all removed and a new plastic retaining clip was designed, fabricated and injection moulded by Thames Contract. There were a large number of defective solar filmed glazing panels at roof-level, the defective film was removed and replaced with a new product that meets current legislations. There were also numerous defective/broken double-glazed units and these were all changed as the works progressed around the building.